Dr. Fat-Off’s Life-Long Weight Loss Solutions

Why are so many individuals overweight and obese? According to Dr. Eddie Fatakhov, the following factors all play a role: Society we live in Foods we eat Sedentary lifestyle Menopause But, Dr. Fatakhov also believes that one of the number-one reasons for weight gain involves the use of certain everyday medications (OTC included). Along with “righting” the […]

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Healthy Talk with Dr. Michael Smith

Making a few small changes to your lifestyle and eating habits can prevent some of the most dangerous diseases in the world. How can you break away from the fast food cycle and lose weight without feeling hungry all the time? Eddie Fatakhov, MD, shares how you can lose weight without feeling hungry throughout your […]

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The Wellness Ultimatum Radio Show

Weight Loss For Life With Dr. Eddie Fatakhov! Dr. Fatakhov explains why this diet book is uniquely different from all the others. He gives unique diet tips to help the listening audience lose weight and to get them to their desired weight.

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