Internal Medicine: The Guide to Residency offers that much needed transition between medical school and the start of your first year of internal medicine residency training. This guide is designed to highlight the most common clinical cases, diseases, and symptoms that will be encountered during your training and offers evidence based solutions in an effective easy to read format. The topics have been carefully chosen to cover common diagnoses as well as common symptoms that you will see day to day on the wards. This guide will also provide you with a quick summary of what you need to know clinically to best handle challenges that you may encounter in the wards. Ideally, this handbook can be read in 1-2 weeks and consulted at any time during your residency, but especially during your internship.

By reading this guide, written by current and recently graduated internal medicine residents, the reader will benefit from residents’ actual experiences, both successes and missteps. The guide will also cover managing the most common clinical problems that patients are admitted to the hospital for. This way the intern or the resident will feel more confident and display more accuracy in obtaining a proper history and physical exam and deliver an appropriate cost effective assessment and plan for the patient.

Unlike the other few available guide or pocket books, this guide will NOT address unnecessary and hard-to-remember details you may NOT need in the day-to-day practice. Instead this book will deliver the most high-yield information in the shortest period of time. Since fourth-year medical students may have only one to two months of formal internal medicine training, they may become less familiar in managing common diseases after months of training in other specialties before coming to do their internal medicine clerkships. This finished guidebook is a culmination of real clinical experience you will encounter presented in an easy-to-reference format written by the fresh perspective and experience of your fellow internal medicine residents.