Dr. Eddie Fatakhov, MD, a board-certified internist from Atlanta discusses the efficiency and effectiveness of Far-UV Light and how it is able to kill the COVID-19 Coronavirus in one-tenth of a second, while not harming human skin or eyesight, and eliminating inefficient and ineffective continual hand washing and hand sanitizing.  It is a special lamp with a particular patented form of UV light known as “Excimer Wave Sterilray™” light, with a wavelength at 222 nm (nanometers), a form of Far-UV light that has a very short range in biological material but it can penetrate and kill viruses floating in the air, on surfaces, in liquids, etc., including COVID-19, disrupting its DNA structure and amino acids, killing it.   He hopes for FDA approval and funding for mass production of these Far-UV lights that can save millions of lives and end the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, as well as annihilate future epidemics in their infancy.