1. If you are invited to a holiday party, come late, leave early and stay away from the snack and dip dishes.
  2. Bring your own sugar-free drinks to a party in case your host has none to offer.
  3. Eat something, even if it’s an apple before arriving to a party, it will help take the edge off your hunger.
  4. If the function, gathering or restaurant has a buffet, be careful and make sure you get at the end of the line behind everybody else. Take only 2-3 small items and return to your seat. Eat your selections slowly, with ample fluid intake between bites.
  5. Repeat step 4 after waiting a short interval and return to the buffet for one or two more items.
  6. Repeat step 5 but take ONE selection per trip. Each selection or item should be about the size of the average cafeteria selection of that food.
  7. When visiting friends or family, be careful not to accept sweets or problem foods. Instead graciously decline, but do accept something, even if it is a sugar-free soda, unsweetened tea, decaf coffee, or water.
  8. Never say you are on a diet, as this is an open invitation for your hostess to tempt you, or argue with you about whether or not something is permitted.
  9. Consider eating Lean turkey, ham, beef or similar moderate-fat proteins for your main dish at holiday parties.
  10. Eat Slowly! Average person should chew 30 times before swallowing.
  11. Don’t forget to add lightly-steamed vegetables to meat dishes as they are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  12. When first seated at the table, the first thing you should spot is the WATER! Drink (8-10) ounces (or more) with each meal.
  13. Always select fresh fruit and vegetables over spiced meats, hams, cheeses, crackers, and dips.
  14. Try your best to avoid sugary pies, cakes, and cookies.
  15. When eating, select smaller portions and use smaller plates.
  16. Always leave food behind. Never clean your plate.
  17. Deserts should be limited to sugar-free gelatins, alone or in combination with unsweetened chopped cranberries, or grated carrots.
  18. If you use artificial sweeteners like Equal, add it after cooking since over heating it destroys its sweetness.
  19. Saccharin and Splenda can be used in recipes that involve cooking, because they are stable molecules, even at baking temperatures.
  20. Ambrosia can be made with no sugar, producing a guilt free holiday treat.
  21. Fruitcakes, mincemeat pie and other rich calorie loaded confections should be avoided as if they were poison.